Monday, June 14, 2010

Wise Decisions

It's summertime and that means that I am going to be faced with one of my pet peeves more than I want to be. So here goes. How is it that a girl/woman will wear a bikini all over creation and not think twice about who sees her, but if that same girl gets locked out of the house wearing nothing but her underwear she will become so mortified that she will sacrifice every last one of her finger and toenails trying to claw her way back into the house? When did this standard become...well...standard?

Think about it. Underwear covers more than the average bikini anyway because a bikini is no more that 2 hankies and some string! (hint of sarcasm)Thank you Louis RĂ©ard (original designer) . I'm sorry, but I'm old school. I believe that the human body is indeed a beautiful thing, but that doesn't mean that it has to be flaunted every which way. King Solomon commended his bride for not allowing any one to see her body except for him - in public display, I mean (Song of Solomon. ) You have to read the whole book. A word of caution though- lock to door when you read this...steamy stuff!

Parents, since we are responsible for what our children, especially daughters, wear then it is also our responsibility to make sure that they choose wisely. If we pay for their clothes (as opposed to them using their own earned money) then we have the final say, so that by the time they are able to pay for their own clothes they should already have the wisdom to make the right choice. I'm not saying that we should dress them how we want them to dress. Allow them to choose their own style, but set boundaries and limits. They don't need to be dressed from throat to ankle, but let's remember that common sense is not dead...not quite...close...but not yet.

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mammagil said...

Woo Hoo, Well said my friend. I ask both my self and my daughter every day we rise to dress to look at the person in the mirror and ask her 1. How do you want to be percieved today 2. What are your motives/intensions in putting on what you put on if those motives are less than noble and we desire ourselves to be percieved as anything less than a daughter of the most high God then we probly shouldnt put it on! (and of course my girls go through the secreat mom inspection beofre leaving the house untill they have shown the ability to make wise choices :-)Thanks for the comment! If my blog is like a mini vacation then I hope you are well rested!!! LOL Be blessed-Be very blessed!!!


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